The Grand National Championships

December 11, 2008

If I were Tupac McDinosaur, I would not stand for this…

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The Suns, they keep trading their team worse. And not in the funny, let’s get a washed up superstar sort of way this time. They traded down in overall talent.

Now, I’m not naive as to say that Boris Diaw has been at the peak of his power in a while. He has that sort of versatility that I’m a homer for, but he is not assertive. Also, his shot is better than mine, but I’m 30% from everywhere.

But better a guy who can play five positions than a tweener? I mean, Jared Dudley is smart and a great passer. But Diaw has that as well. He also has tapped into more of his skill set now than Dudley has, and Dudley has taken his skills very far.

And I’m not going to say that J-Rich is a man who is trailing far behind Raja Bell. He is an offensive force who may have been superheroic in Seven Seconds or Less. That being said? He brings little to the table defenisvely. Brett Edwards is incorrect on this matter.

Raja Bell is a lockdown defender. And his offensive game? It may be more subtle than J-Rich. But it’s solid. He can run the floor and hit the three. It’s an underrated and rather tasty skill set.

But again. This is my initial reaction. The post that got me fired from Epic Carnival…again…was me disliking the Billups-Iverson deal from the Pistons POV. Turns out I was wrong.


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