The Grand National Championships

November 20, 2008

So why am I still holding on to a chance at a Sabathia return?

I am not stupid. I know that 6/130 and he’s a Giant. Or a Yankee. Or a Dodger.

But why can’t the Brewers sign him?

1) It doesn’t sound like he’s fired up and ready to go into pinstripes.

Sabathia is a man who already has a wife and two kids. And the fact of the matter is that he seems to be a man who does not need the complications of life that time in New York would bring. Not to say that it’s a bad thing. But it is to say that he may take a more laid back tack in terms of where he spends the prime of his career.

(And yes. This does mean California No Doubt About It As Well.)

2) Cost of Living…

The cost of buying the best place is a definite concern. Or it should be. A place on Strong Island is one thing. Kicking it with Audrinas is one thing. A place in Wauwatosa is something else entirely. It could be cost a seasons salary in the larger market for home alone.

And the best time of his professional life was in Milwaukee.

3) The next deal.

If I was his agent? I would take fewer years on this deal. A 4-year deal with little to no falloff in his play? He gets one more massive contract. A 6-year deal? He falls back to Zito Money.

Not saying. Just saying there’s a chance.



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