The Grand National Championships

November 11, 2008

Will Graham Harrell be the next Andre Woodson?

Because if you look at it logically? It’s happening that way.

For those of you who don’t remember, here’s a referesher on Andre Woodson. A prolific quarterback in a major conference who has a weird hitch in his delivery that turned a potential Jason Campbell into nothing more than Matt Flynn. (Now considering the shambles that the state of the Amfrican-American quarterback is currently in? You have to wonder if some nascent fears from the days of Marlin Briscoe had something to do with it.)

That being said? While the expectation was that Andre Woodson was making himself millions of dollars, you saw him plummet off the cliff. Nobody liked the intangibles, and he got cut for David Carr.

But like Andre Woodson’s intangibles? You have to love the swagger and the stride that young Mister Harrell is bringing to the table. And while his arm is strong? He has the same sort of oh my god his delivery has a hitch in it. But here’s where the twist comes in.

Graham Harrell has more strikes against him.

The Mike Leach offense does not have any check-downs. It’s one read and fire. And while Stevie Johnson and Dicky Lyons Jr. comported themselves with a dignified competency, Woodson never had anything close to Michael Crabtree (and don’t sleep on Danny Amendola coming out in 2010-2011 with a surprising season. He’s a Wes Welker in build and scouting report.)

And you know what else? System quarterbacks are made of fail. Jeff Tedford has had only one success in the pros. Steve Spurrier had one less. Urban Meyer had some classic draft busts. (Remember Omar Jacobs?) And Kliff Kingsbury was the best of the Mike Leach quarterbacks. He…was practice squad at best.

So what does it all mean? Sixth round value unless he can take the step that Colt Brennan and Andre Woodson couldn’t.


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