The Grand National Championships

October 22, 2008

Mark Teixera vs. Prince Fielder…

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So you’re Anaheim. You have millions of dollars to spend on one free agent. The obvious choice? Mark Teixera. He’s experienced. He’s in his peak. And the Angels can afford him.

But let me postulate something. Why not go after CC Sabathia?

Sure, you’d lose out on Teixera. But that being said? All of the sudden, you’d get a Milwaukee Brewers desperate for a pitcher. Losing Sabathia and Sheets means you have a top starter in Gallardo with a knee issue, a #2 who is primed for injury in Parra. And your #3 is Dave Bush.

So that means at some point, Jeff Suppan could be your #2 starter. Scary right?

And you heard rumors of a Fielder for Matt Cain swap. It’s there. It could happen. But the Angels could have an extra starter just lying around collecting dust if they picked up Sabathia.

So, you’d have the Brewers going after Jered Weaver, and the Angels would offer Ervin Santana. So, you could see Joe Saunders coming back to Milwaukee. Hell, they could throw in Howie Kendrick and lose nothing.

But the question is. Do you take the very consistent .300/.410/.550 and possibly re-up Jon Garland who did nothing but knock his value down and keep one of the younger guns. Or do you take the 25 year old whose already kissed a .600 slugging percentage and has essentially the same isolated eye as Teix and have a Sabathia/Lackey one two punch?

If I’m the Angels? I’d grab Sabathia. Sabathia, Lackey, Weaver, Santana, and Garland is a series winning rotation.

If Scosia avoids the sacrifice bunt.


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