The Grand National Championships

October 5, 2008

An NBA Preview in 5 words or less…

Well, five words or less per team. Because that would be impossible the other way. So, let’s talk hoop shall we?

Atlantic Division
Celtics: Who replaces James Posey?
Nets: At least fun to watch.
Knicks: A personnel mess.
76ers: A big three, Celtics Style?
Raptors: A healthy Jermaine O’Neal? Nonexistent.

Central Division
Bulls: John Paxson, trade a guard!
Cavaliers: Enter a second scoring option.
Pistons: A slump equals fire sale.
Pacers: Character equals mediocre.
Bucks: First-round playoff loser.

Southeast Division
Hawks: Can build off playoff battle.
Bobcats: Youth brings Larry Brown redemption.
Heat: 3 stars and nothing else.
Magic: A wide window of opportunity.
Wizards: Agent Zero, becoming a problem.

Southwest Division
Mavericks: The John McCain of basketball.
Rockets: McGrady’s health is the engine.
Grizzlies: A team in shambles.
Hornets: James Posey’s Veteran Intangibles!
Spurs: Meet the EA Curse.

Northwest Division
Nuggets: Too much machismo to win.
Timberwolves: Year 2 rebuilding brings hope.
Trailblazers: Everbody’s on their jock.
Thunder: The Kevin Durant show.
Jazz: Quickly closing window of opportunity.

Pacific Division
Warriors: No point to them.
Clippers: Feast or famine? Feast.
Lakers: Kobe’s gonna break this year.
Suns: Robert Sarver murdered them.
Kings: Kevin Martin stick-figure smile time!

Some cryptic, some funny, some real analysis. Let’s be honest. It’s honest.

Working on my issues.


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  1. That Oden picture never gets old

    Comment by Scott @ WFNY — October 6, 2008 @ 2:54 pm |Reply

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