The Grand National Championships

September 8, 2008

GITS of the NFL.

Filed under: Deep Somambulism,Fuhbawls,Run for your life,Ryan Grant — by Andrew @ 4:11 pm

Now I know that some of you are gonna say that I’m being mean by calling people Gits. But you know what? It’s an acronym.

GIT= Grant in training, as in Ryan. As in the sleeper emergent from nowhere from last season. And there are rules to this game.

1) The situation has to be unsettled. You can’t have injuries bring someone to the forefront. Sure, Michael Robinson could be a sleeper, however he’s not going to get a chance without disaster striking. There can be a clear-cut #1, but he has to be able to lose his job due to injury or incompetence.

2) No college pedigree. You can generate stats, but a man of Steve Slaton or Michael Bush’s hype cannot be a Grant in training.

3) They have to be young. No mention of Stuttering Jesus in Chicago.

So? Who do we have, besides the obvious Marcus Thomas?

Baltimore: Marcus Mason Redskins fans know all about Marcus Mason. An ex-Illinois runner who runs hard and dominated the preseason. It may mean nothing. But with Willis McGahee’s wheel, Ray Rice’s college wear, and Cory Ross’ essential third down backery? Mase may get a shot at glory.

Cincinatti: DeDe Dorsey An undersized runner from an NAIA school, he has explosive run skills. And he will outplay Kenny Watson if he gets an opportunity. And Chris Perry is probably going to have a disgusting ankle injury.

Denver: Ryan Torian will be a Ryan Grant if only because he is injured and people will forget about him.

Detroit: Marcus Thomas’s explanation is over on Epic Carnival. Search it out.

Houston: Chris Taylor Kidding. He can’t handle a one-cut offense.

New York Giants: Danny Ware While the situation does seem pretty settled. Here’s the thing. Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward both get nicked up, and Ahmad Bradshaw is tiny. And they are probably going to trade Reuben Droughns. Danny has the run skills to take advantage of any opportunity when it comes. I believe in Danny Ware.

Seattle: Justin Forsett If he was a white guy, everybody would love him. Because he’s undersized without great tools. But he gets everything out of them. And being undersized doesn’t mean he couldn’t have a Domanack Davis run of being awesome. Their run-skills are similar. Scary similar.

So, there you go. Your deep sleepers. Your watch list. These may not be your American Heroes.

But they’re American Heroes in training.


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