The Grand National Championships

September 6, 2008

Can ECU get to 2-0?

Filed under: Drew Willy,Fuhbawls,UPSET ALERTS? — by Andrew @ 4:57 am

Yes. Because Hanna will limit the wheel advantage of the Mountaineers, ECU will be able to keep the game close. Ask Pittsburgh if the ability to keep it close is an advantage.

*ducks a burning couch*

That’s not why I’m here. I am here because I have a couple of shots to call. I hit ECU last week, and I’ve decided that my blind luck is the better part of valor. I’m going to make two upset picks. Blind stabs in the dark, if you wheel. But here we go.

George O’Leary got embarrassed by South Florida last year. It was 64-12. And yes, Central Florida lost Kevin Smith and South Florida has Matt Groethe and George Selvie coming back. But you know what? The running game is still the truth. And you know what else? South Florida may not have General Ackbar warning them not to look ahead to Kansas.

The Knights are going to get a measure of revenge here, victory is theirs. 31-21.

Now some of us will think that UTEP losing to Buffalo was a disappointment. And maybe it is. But you know what? Pittsburgh’s not going to be able to generate much of a pass rush. And Drew Willy is the under the radar truth of the Mid-American conference. Some drunkard is going to ask the question if they could be the BCS Buster?

The answer? No. But Drew Willy will get a big game this week. Wannie goes on the chopping block again, as Buffalo wins 35-31.


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