The Grand National Championships

September 3, 2008

Antonio Bryant…

Is the #2 Receiver in Tampa Bay.

But you know what? The other Biletnikoff winner as a Sophomore has been flying under the radar in other ways as well. Did you know he was out of football last year? You did? Okay.

But did you know that he sued the NFL? It’s true!

It seems as after 2006’s impression of Bullitt that he ran in San Mateo, Antonio took his two game suspension and he took being cut, and decided that he was going to look into the mirror and make some changes. He was 26, and he had run himself off three teams already. He stopped taking his life seriously for most of the first half of the year of his unemployment.

But he looked in the mirror and realized what he needed to do. So he started to turn his life around. Antonio Bryant, finally, finally, was ready to reach his seemingly limitless potential. I know that it’s his seventh chance, but the fact that he got there before it was too late.

And yet? He found himself with a problem. When he was ready to return to football, and sure that there was some team out there who needed his skills? The NFL wouldn’t let him back in.

And this news bore little mention. You live in a world with Pac-Man Jones, Chris Henry, and Brandon Marshall acting a fool, and you have a player fighting with every ounce he has to keep the dream alive. And he gets no media attention.

This baffles me. Kind of. The sports media is whiter than Stuff White People Like. Antonio Bryant’s preconceived notions have been set in stone. They’re waiting for him to get into all sorts of shenanigans involving Heroin, a dude named Mendoza, and a fanboat chase.

I guess what I’m saying is this wouldn’t happen if Stephen A. Smith was alive.


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