The Grand National Championships

August 31, 2008

While some of us will look at Week 1…

And say boy the ACC looks like a really bad conference, and while we’re at it? So does the Big 10. And some of us will mock Mike Sherman for losing to Arkansas State in his debut. (Me.) I will also take a different tact.

In this so-called Football Championship Subdivision, an upset did occur yesterday. It does not have the jaw-dropping gravitas of last year’s Appalachian State going Hot Hot Hot in the Big House. But a Division 1-A team did lose to a Division 1-AA team.

Cal Poly went into Qualcomm last night and came out with a 29-27 win versus San Diego State. And while the kicker and the running game may get all the pub?

Let me hype you to the man with a future on Sundays. Let me hype you to Ramses Barden.

Ramses Barden WR-Cal Poly
6’6″ 228
Obvious Nicknames for the sportswriters: Shakespeare, The Pharoh

After nearly declaring for the draft as a junior, Barden decided that he was going to return for his senior year in an attempt to improve last years fifth round grade. And after a week one of 7-161-1, he is off to a great start. With his size? The skills he brings to the table are pretty obvious.

He’s big, he’s strong, he can jump out of the gym, and he has great hands. And of course, he’s a timed step too slow, and needs polish at receiver. That being said? He’s going to destroy some 1-AA teams like he did last year. He is the frontman for an offense that can do some major things.

Will he? The next two weeks will tell the tale. They get Montana at SLO, and then travel to McNeese State. That’s two Top 15 1-AA teams. He shows up for those games? Then his rise is going to be meteoric.

And if he pulls a 7-161-1 or something similar in the Badgers inexplicable final game of the season? Then, my friend? He’s gonna be bigger than Astronauts.

Ramses Barden a.k.a. Pharoh Shakespeare a.k.a. The King a.k.a. Ramses 3000. You heard him here somewhere in the middle.

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