The Grand National Championships

August 8, 2008

If the Hawks let Josh Smith go?

The Memphis Grizzlies signed my American Basketball Hero to an offer sheet at 5/58. If the pre-Hot Stove Rumors are true? The Young Mr. Smith has signed an offer sheet for just beyond what the Hawks were willing to pay. And you know what?

If the Hawks let him go with no return, they should be contracted.

Now, I’m coming to this as a Bucks fan. (And we got Fransisco Elson y’all!) I admit that mental retardation has been something the Senior Senator from Wisconsin has been accused of on multiple occasions in his running of the Bucks. But the fact of the matter?

Josh Smith’s three position mastery is something that makes the Hawks great. Team him with Joe Johnson and you have enough workmanship on the 2/3/4 that magic gets made. Add Al Horford and what’s left of Mike Bibby and there’s legitimate excitement in Atlanta regarding pro basketball for the first time since, well, ever.

They got to Game 7 with Boston. And they have a pretty good nucleus to build on this fact. However? It’s Atlanta. The ownership is mediocre (and in the NBA that means shitty). They could be hell bent in turning this team into a modern day Spirits of St. Louis.

I’ll be honest, this team has a potential to shock the world. Look at it this way, Bibby/Johnson/Smith/Horford/Pachulia can start some shit. Acie Law, Randolph Morris, and Marvin Williams are the potential that still could become solid starters. Add Maurice Evans and Solomon Jones to the proceedings? And it’s all good.

They just need to spend 3 million dollars to do it.

UPDATE: Those of you that have been here know that I get hyperbolic when it comes to a team lead by Josh Smith. After all they did lose Josh Childress. To Greece. Paul Shirley knows their payments are dodgy.

And he’d rather go there than Atlanta.

Nevertheless, Frenemy of Blog Lang Whitaker reports that the deal is done. I just peed a little.


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