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August 6, 2008

So, you know what?

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I hope the Packers get a quarterback in return when they trade for Favre. I really do.* This is not me saying that I do not believe in Aaron Rodgers. I do. I think he’s got a much better chance to be decent than Favre does to be good.

That being said? There are at least three players in this respect that I wouldn’t mind seeing in a Packer uniform. I shall rank them presently.

1. Kellen Clemens

But? You may ask yourself, didn’t he suck last year? And admittedly, you would be right. He was in a bad way in New York. Coles and Cotchery were hurt. The line was crap. And the Jets were just awful. His first year was not great.

But you know what? Bad first full seasons are expected for most every quarterback. (UH OH!) Seriously, he’s got the skills to be a good Jake Plummer. And with the Packers supporting cast? He could be awesome!

Odds of him actually coming? 100 to 1.

2. Josh Johnson

Josh Johnson is my Harvey Dent. I believe in Josh Johnson. I believe he can be a revolutionary force in quarterbacking entertainment. He dominated in passing in his Senior year in college. And he’s got wheels that would make dreams of a Randall Cunningham comparison apt.

However? He’s not getting dealt. He just isn’t. Ah life.

3. Luke McCown

And yet? If you want a quarterback who could inexplicably get the Packers through an injury? Luke McCown is that guy. In streaks and spurts he is awesome. It’s unexplainable. But it’s true.

Odds of him getting dealt? 20 to 1 (And that’s good.)

Now this is just a post from your boy dreaming of what could be. But I know a nightmare could come. And you know what that is?


*Because when players get dealt? The NFL turns on its head.


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