The Grand National Championships

December 26, 2007

Look, I understand that the Bulls fan sees the Skiles firing as a ding-dong the witch is dead scenario.

I understand that if you have yourself a coach best known for his intensity in ten cities, a “players coach” usually leads to a magical run as the talent can finally breathe for a moment. But there is a problem.

The best coaches available are the same sort of coach. And they are all non-championship winning retreads.

I’ll give you five names. Tell me if any inspire anything other than a yawn. Rick Carlisle, Jeff Van Gundy, Doug Collins, Del Harris, and Larry Brown. Okay, Larry Brown doesn’t involve near as much of a yawn as say having Doug Collins return to Chicago, but Paxson would have to ask one question.

Is he more trouble than he’s worth? And the answer is very likely yes. The Bulls are a very good Eastern Conference team. That’s it. But I have been wrong before.

If you believe that the Bulls are one piece away from getting to the promised land, then and only then could you consider Larry Brown. So, it seems to me as if you have to go with an interim coach for the rest of the year.

And Pete Myers is that man.

And normally, I would be willing to say that this would make a fine situation. Pete Myers is a decent choice. He’s been around and he has a quiet, agile basketball mind. But why am I talking about Del Harris and Doug Collins then?

Because Pete Myers is a stopgap. He has been the Bulls plug and play. Look back at Jordan’s first “retirement.” Who was the new starter? Pete Myers.

When Chris Farley graduated Second City Chicago and went to Saturday Night Live, who played Matt Foley in the interim? Pete Myers.

When Erik Kramer and Steve Walsh failed as your Chicago Bears quarterbacks, who stepped up? Pete Myers.

When Mark Prior and Kerry Wood broke down for the first time, who soaked up the remaining innings? Glendon Rusch, but he was the second choice.

And when Bill Cartwright got canned? Who was the bridge to a retread in-season hire named Scott Skiles? Pete Myers.

So, you may see him lead the Bulls to an upset win tonight. You may see him get the Bulls on a roll. But in my book, you’re just as likely to see a retread as Pete Myers hanging on for the season.

And in my book, it would probably be a mistake.



  1. Skiles might be intensity in ten cities, but is he live at Budokan?

    Comment by PeteJayhawk — December 27, 2007 @ 1:14 pm |Reply

  2. Pete: Sadly, no.

    Comment by Andrew — December 27, 2007 @ 4:36 pm |Reply

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