The Grand National Championships

November 22, 2007

Fantasy Football: The 12 Sides of Justice!

Fantasy Football is gay. 

Fantasy football is lame.   It’s also really gay to whine and moan:  OMG! I DRAFTED BADLY!  MY MAGAZINE FAILED ME!!  Keep this in mind.  YOU SUCK! 

Thankfully, I’m here to help.  I will help you believe to achieve with next year’s top 5 fantasy qb’s!

The Grand National Championships bring you2008 FANTASY QB PICKS AS DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS CHARACTERS!


Tom BradyA Chaotic Evil Elf Thief

Strength: 10 

Dexterity: 9

Constitution: 14

Intelligence: 15

Charisma: 17

Wisdom: 12

While not the most elusive of the bunch, his solid constitution and high charisma scores more than make up for it. Woman want him. Men want to be him. If you are looking for a quarterback next year he is your first and best choice.


Derek Anderson = Lawful Good Fighter Dwarf

Strength:  15

Dexterity:  7

Constitiution:  17

Intelligence:   8

Charisma:  13

Wisdom: 11

Derek Anderson may not be the brightest quarterback in the bunch, but few are tougher. He has a strong charisma score for an elf, and he can lead a team unlike his back-up. True Neutral valkyrie Brady Quinn



We will do more of these soon..but to finish strong, we must show you the strongest part of Dungeons and Dragons:


Roger Goodell = 12 sided dice!

Roger Goodell is the essence of the force.  You live by the dice, you die by the dice.  Sure you can get into trouble for cheating ala the Patriots; but if you roll a winner on your saving throw, NOONE CARES!


Bellichick:  You’re the best…AROUND!!!

Yes, we are huge nerds.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!



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