The Grand National Championships

November 6, 2007

Dennis Miller can bring down ESPN!

I actually watched Dennis Miller’s Sports Unfiltered


I can’t believe I’m going to say this was GOOD!

Granted, Dennis Miller is a Red Sox fan, but he’s not a masshole about it. He doesn’t rub it in everyone’s face which is actually bearable. Plus, he’s actually funny! Instead of watching some unbearable show on ESPN where they try to be cute and witty with bad puns and nicknames; along comes Dennis Miller who can actually tell a good joke. I think it’s the fact that the only “comic” doing sports is Dane Cook (whom alot, myself included dont’ think he is a comic). I dont’ count Frank Caliendo because well…he’s never even made me crack a smile and doing bad impersonations does not a comic make.

I loved Miller’s jokes too. He compared the Cub’s fans to submissives and Lou Pinellia as a dominatrix! The best part about Dennis Miller is that he’s a pissed off sports fan. Finally, someone one cable who’s,”MAD AS HELL! AND HE’S NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!”


Versus! is seriously going to give ESPN a run for their money because A) they actually went out and got someone who knows and loves/loathes sports. B) They’re broadcasting Pac 10 Games that are actually interesting to watch! Remember the USC-Stanford game? But that’s another post.

Overall, I give Dennis Miller Sports Unfiltered! B+!

The reason is because I want to see more and I’ll let you know how he keeps the pace.

Also, if anyone has clips of this new show on Versus! Please pass it along!


Check it out for yourself!



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