The Grand National Championships

July 4, 2007

How do you make your life better?

If you’re Pac Man Jones you build a STRIP CLUB!!! IN YOUR HOUSE!!!

Wow.  Just WOW. 

some of my favorite lines of the article.

sources say that the stripperphilic athlete soon may be staying at home more—he has approved blueprints to install a strip club in his house.

“It’s basically a home theater, and we do a lot of those,” says a source in the home remodeling industry in suburban Atlanta, where Jones lives. “This one just happens to have a lighted stage with a pole in the middle. Mr. Jones has given us a lot of suggestions on how the room should look. He really knows a lot about strip clubs.”

One friend of Jones’ says the home strip club may be the troubled player’s best opportunity to straighten up his life.“It’s the best of both worlds,” the Pacman posse member says. “He can hang out with his friends and with a bunch of strippers, and still be able to tell the Titans and the NFL, ‘Hey, I was home all night.”

pac man

You sir, are a GENIUS!  Now you can,”Make It Rain!” and stay at home!  The only people that will end up shot will be someone you roll with.  I just love the fact that you know alot about strip clubs.  I’m curious if pacman wore a monocle while he was designing the in-home strip club.

Greatest News EVER!!



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  1. Pacman Jones is a Real American Hero like GI Joe!

    And he is so bad ass, he does not even need a code name.

    Roadblock never Pacman Forever!

    Comment by Andrew — July 4, 2007 @ 3:51 am |Reply

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