The Grand National Championships

June 8, 2007

Is there someone working at ESPN that has an I.Q above 75?

The only good thing they’ve done so far is fire Micheal Irvin.  Whoever is the head of programming for ESPN Classic is an idiot. 

First of all, bringing back american gladiators is a great move.  I loved that show growing up and I love it even more now that I’m drunk late at night.  So how did ESPN follow up a good move?  They cancelled Cheap Seats.  That’s right, one of the few original shows on ESPN that I loved to watch becuase it was funny as hell and intelligent.  Stephen A Smith was just too obnoxious with his whole yelling routine and honestly, stumping a fat guy named schwab who’s only good at memorization and sleep apnea isn’t my idea of compelling tv. 

Basically ESPN has lost me as a fan.  Thursday, ESPN decided that it’d be brillant to broadcast the MLB Draft.  The thing about the MLB draft is this; Most of those drafted will fizzle out, or it will take them 4-5 years to make it to the major leagues.  What I’m getting at is this, the NFL draft is something you watch becuase the players drafted can make an impact in the league immediately.  Reggie Bush is the most recent player to do this.  There is no way what’s-his-face the overall #1 draft pick in the MLB draft will even play a big league game.

I only pray for the day there’s INTERVENTION: THE MUSICAL!



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